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Jerry Springer visits The Wright Kids

April 19th 2009

Although planning was months in the works, Sage, Baruch and Levi had no idea "Uncle Jerry" would be visiting them at Pop's Ice Cream and Soda Bar. While in Hollywood, the kids frequently enjoyed Jerry's wit and charm while breaking from long rehearsals on the set. Jerry grew very fond of the kids.

Sage, Baruch and Levi arrived at Pop's for what seemed to be a routine event. The kids ordered up their favorite ice cream while waiting for a sound check. Reserved parking in front of the soda shop along with cameras and reporters from 5 different media outlets didn't tip off the kids. Parents and ice cream parlor owners in on the secret had an answer for every question.

The big moment had finally arrived, a black stretch limousine pulled up directly in front of the soda shop. With numerous camera lenses pointed at the spectacle, Levi, sprung from his seat to exclaim to everyone, "It's Jerry Springer, it's Jerry Springer!" Sage didn't believe Levi until Jerry walked through the door and greeted them with big hugs.

The entire family had fun catching up with Jerry as they all enjoyed floats and malteds. Before the kids performed, Jerry made a special request. He wanted to hear God's Coloring Book, a track off of the kids' new CD. The kids performed this request and many others. After music, they all retired to the bar for more ice cream. Jerry enjoyed a special "Cherry Springer Sundae" with the kids before having to leave. After many hugs, Jerry wished each of the kids well and said he would keep in touch.

Now, each time the kids perform at Pop's Ice Cream and Soda Bar, they will always remember the day Jerry Springer came to town. Watch the visit here.

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