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Sage, Baruch and Levi make the TOP 10 on America's Got Talent

September 12th 2008

After celebrating their TOP 20 accomplishment, Sage, Baruch and Levi set to work on their next challenge, a place in AGT's TOP 10, and needed a hit song to help them get there. They selected Rockin' Robin, a 50's rock and roll hit by Bobby Day. The song would prove to be a lot of fun. Baruch decided to replace guitar playing with finger snapping for a bigger audience response and Levi would spin the bass to forge his place in bass player history.

The performance was an overwhelming hit with the judges and the audience. "You owned the stage" exclaimed Sharon Osbourne after the performance while David Hasselhoff added the kids have a "God given gift". Jerry Springer had to say it was better than the original.

The wait for results would not be long. Just 2 days after their performance, The Wright Kids returned to the AGT stage for voting results. The first acts to be called were Zooperstars and The Wright Kids. The results would not be easy for either act for the Zooperstars had grown fond of the kids while becoming the kids' favorite act on the show. Jerry Springer paused his trademark pause before announcing the TOP 10 finalist and top vote getter "The act going into the TOP 10 and moving one step closer to $1,000,000.00 and the headline act in Las Vegas is ...... The Wright Kids".

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