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Wright Kids Tour in Wienermobile

November 15th 2006

The wienermobile arrived in Rocky Mount to help Baruch's voting campaign for the Oscar Mayer Sing the Jingle Be a Star contest. Driven by hotdoggers, Heather and Camden, the wienermobile made stops at regional radio stations to rally support.

Baruch made his pitch on live radio to be the next kid in Oscar Mayer's Sing the Jingle Be a Star commercial. Radio listeners were also treated to The Wright Kids' soulful version of Wayfaring Stranger.

During the two day tour in the wienermobile, Baruch made stops at K92, WJJS and WYTI. Baruch also had live radio interviews with WYYD, WVTF, WAKG and WBTM. In addition to The Roanoke Times and The Franklin News Post newspapers, television stations, WDBJ, WSLS and WSET gave the story regional coverage. Bloggers can also find the story on The Bluegrass Blog.

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